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Real Estate Photography Pricing - How do we compare with those national brands?

If you're like many of our customers you've no doubt been inundated by calls, texts, and emails from national companies offering free photo shoots, "all of the same services for a better price", and oftentimes a complimentary new customer photo shoot.

Many companies, including ours, use complex pricing and package strategies to try to stay competitive in this market. This inconsistent application of prices can sometimes make one vendor appear less expensive than another. At Eagle Eye we work hard to adjust our prices so that we are competitive with and beat national photography brands. Some of the pricing tactics that national brands use are:

  • Offering lower base prices, but charge extra for things like blue skies and virtual tours. We include these features for free at our everyday prices.

  • Offering "virtual tour" products that do not specify the type of tour. We allow customers the ability to choose a Zillow Virtual Tour or Matterport Virtual Tour allowing our customers to choose based on price and quality.

  • Some companies offer a set number of photos with the ability to purchase additional photos. We shoot as many photos as it takes to capture a property with no photo limits.

  • Most companies offer fixed services with few adjustments. We work with our customers to customize content and perform custom services.

  • Most companies pay their photographers a rate of $20-$40 per home. If you book with Eagle Eye you'll usually get Anja or DJ, but we do have additional photographers as part of our team and compensate 3-5 times as much as many national brands.

In a recent review of two of the most heavily marketed companies we found that our pricing is lower, when compared equally, in every instance. This continues our commitment to ensuring that we are not only the friendly photographers you want to represent your brand, but that you can trust us and know that you are getting a fair price for your investment.

Comparison of Eagle Eye vs Two National Brands

Service (2,150 sq ft)

Eagle Eye

Company A

Company B

Extra Photos


Not Offered

$5 / ea

Photography and ZIllow Tour




Virtual Twilight

1 Free

2 for $20


Drone Photos



$219 (Separate Appointment)

Photos, Zillow Tour, Drone Photos, and Video (Interior and Aerial)



No Equivalent Bundle

Photos, Matterport, Blue Sky, Virtual Twilight




Blue Sky Replacement




* Extra photos include additional photos of a single-family home and do not include amenities or community photos. Since we bill by square footage we take as many pictures as necessary to capture a home.

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