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Eagle Eye Policies and Procedures

Please see our policies and procedures, including late cancellation fees, below!

Eagle Eye Policies and Procedures

Company Policies:

  1. Cancellation Policy:

    • Cancellations made within 24 hours of an appointment will incur a $99 fee.

    • Cancellations made after the scheduled appointment time will be billed at the full rate for the photo shoot.

  2. Reservation and Booking Policy:​

    • Full payment is due on delivery of all media.

  3. Rescheduling Policy:

    • Clients may request to reschedule their appointment with at least 48 hours' notice, subject to availability.

    • A rescheduling fee may apply if rescheduling is requested within 24 hours of the appointment.

  4. Late Arrival Policy:

    • We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

    • Late arrivals may result in a reduced photo shoot duration without a rate adjustment.

  5. Photo Delivery and Editing:

    • Photo editing and delivery times may vary based on the complexity of the project.

    • We strive to provide edited photos within 1 days after the photo shoot.

  6. Photo Usage and Copyright:

    • All photos taken by our company are subject to copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes without prior written consent.

    • Photos may be used for real estate marketing purposes including marketing on the Internet, social media, and other real estate marketing channels.  

    • Photos are non-transferrable without written consent.

  7. Additional Services and Charges:

    • Additional services, such as rush photo editing or location changes, may be subject to extra charges. These will be discussed with the client in advance.

  8. Weather-Related Rescheduling:

    • In the event of inclement weather affecting outdoor photo shoots photo sessions can be rescheduled subject to availability. 

  9. Client Conduct:

    • We expect clients to conduct themselves professionally during the photo shoot.

    • Inappropriate behavior or requests will not be tolerated.

  10. Refund Policy:

    • Refunds are provided only in exceptional circumstances and are subject to a case-by-case evaluation by our management.

  11. Equipment and Property:

    • Clients are responsible for any damage to our equipment or property during the photo shoot and will be charged accordingly.

  12. Privacy and Data Protection:

    • We respect the privacy of our clients and do not share personal information or photos without consent.

    • Client data is securely stored and protected in accordance with relevant data protection laws.

  13. Tenant-Occupied Properties Policy:

    • For photo shoots at tenant-occupied properties, it is mandatory for the property owner or a licensed realtor to be present during the shoot.

    • If the property owner or realtor is not present at the scheduled appointment time, the photographer will not enter or go onto the property.

    • This policy is in place to ensure the privacy and security of the tenants and to comply with legal regulations regarding property access.

    • If a rescheduled appointment is required due to the absence of the property owner or realtor, rescheduling fees may apply in accordance with our Rescheduling Policy (see Policy #3).

Please review and adhere to these policies when booking and scheduling a photo shoot with our company.

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