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When selling your home it is helpful and effective to try to make your home as generic as possible.  The goal is to make it very easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your property.  To do this it's important to remove anything personal that might remind a buyer that they are in a home that doesn't belong to them.  This includes photos, towels, and personal items.  Think about a hotel room, welcoming, well-decorated, yet generic.  



  • All cars should be moved out of driveways and directly in front of the property.  It is recommended that cars be parked 1-2 homes away and/or across the street from the property.

  • Check for and remove garden hoses, sprinklers, branches, and garbage cans.

  • Hide any garbage cans in a space that is not readily visible (i.e., side yard, garage, etc).

  • Remove any "For Sale" signs.

  • Remove all toys, personal items, and pool equipment.

  • Sweep all sidewalks, patio areas, and driveways.


  • Turn ON all lights and turn OFF all fans.

  • Turn OFF all computers, televisions, etc.

  • Open doors to all rooms you would like photographed/scanned.  

  • Close doors to any rooms you do not want photographed/scanned.

  • Put away any small items/personal items such as tissue boxes, documents, remote controls, toothbrushes, etc.

  • Remove food/clutter from the kitchen area.

  • Remove all personal items from bathrooms (toothbrushes, hand soap, etc).  Staged towels, decorative items, etc are encouraged but recommend they be minimal.

  • Remove all personal/family items such as pictures, drawings, paperwork, etc.  Personal/family items can prevent buyers from seeing the home as their own.

  • Close all toilet seats.

  • Open/raise all blinds with attractive/visible exteriors.  


  • Remove window screens and sunshades for better exterior views.

  • Clean or have windows professionally cleaned.

  • Fix/repair/remove any blinds that are visibly broken or bent.

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