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Commercial Virtual Tours

Matterport virtual tours are a great way for businesses to increase traffic to their website and social media pages. By including virtual tours on their website, potential customers can get a better sense of the business and what it has to offer. Mattertags can also be added to the virtual tour, providing additional information and context for viewers. Overall, Matterport virtual tours are a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and attract more customers.


Increased Engagement

Customers are shown to be 300% more engaged with Matterport 3D virtual tours compared to traditional 2D imagery​ (Matterport)​. This heightened engagement translates to longer interaction times and more immersive shopping experiences.

Longer Website Visits

Virtual tours can keep people on a retailer’s website 10 times longer than without a virtual tour​. This increased dwell time can lead to higher conversion rates as customers explore more products and information.

Higher Traffic and Sales

For specific businesses, such as the fashion brand Kenzo, implementing Matterport virtual showrooms resulted in significant engagement. A virtual showroom created by Retail VR drove 3,000 visits in just two days for a new product launch event​ (Matterport)​. Additionally, companies like Lactalis International experienced a ten-fold increase in traffic with their virtual showrooms​ (Matterport)​.

Improved Decision-Making

Virtual tours enhance the decision-making process for consumers. A study found that 50% of adult internet users rely on virtual tours during their research and decision-making stages​. This suggests that virtual tours not only attract visitors but also aid in converting them into buyers by providing a comprehensive view of products and settings.

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